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   Decorating Corporate Logo wear is what we specialize in, but one of our favorite things is our outrageous Clothing Line; "See Me Coming". See Me Coming was created as the edgy, fun side subsidiary of KNBC Graphics.

   See Me Coming features their unique creations at various venues throughout Southern California including Street and County Fairs and can be seen on Amazon, Etsy and a few of our own websites too.

   Our line mainly consists of amusing phrases that we either embroider or print on various items. Some of the things we decorate are Aprons, Lady and Baby Tank Tops, Men's T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Dog Shirts, Socks, Glassware, etc.
It is not unusual to find a crowd of people gathered outside our displays laughing uncontrollably.

If you have your own unique phrase, we can make it a Custom Order.
Coffee Mugs, Tumblers & More
click on a mug below to see our entire collection
Contact us for your
Custom Order or check out our other website or on-line stores for some fun stuff to laugh at.
Embroidered Hats
click on the hat below to see our entire collection
Embroidered Aprons
click on the apron below to see our entire collection
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