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    KNBC Graphics carries many different styles of clothing. It ranges from girly stuff to Office Attire to Sporty Clothing.

    To the RIGHT are links to our clothing suppliers. Feel free to check them out. If you see any prices, ignore them. They are suggested retail prices. When inquiring on pricing, be sure to note the part number and the website you are looking at.

    There is quite a large selection and it can be overwhelming. We would be happy to make a suggestion for you in regards to the kind of clothing that most fits your needs.

    This list is only a portion of our suppliers. We have many more and would be happy to assist you in finding the right item that will suit your needs.


For shirts, jackets and other clothing,
click one of the links below:

If you didn't find anything there,

check out this:



Stock designs for Embroidery

(we own all designs on this site)

The following sites contain many different embroidery designs.

Some of them are already in our collection but all of them are available.

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